Wednesday, 28 March 2012

honkjazz (with blunts and sondek) on Soundart Radio - 23/03/2012

Good evening and welcome to the first post on the honkjazz radio blog.... the sun is shining and last fridays show is ready for download .... it was an extended 3 hour show on and we went to town.... the last hour was 1 tune each... we had a blast and hopefully you'll enjoy listening to it...

here's what we played:

Sondek (8pm - 9pm)

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime
Caribou – Sun
Mr Fingers – Can U Feel It
Wiz Kidz – Team In My Heart
Harry Craze – Gone
Menahan Street Band – Tired of Fighting
Plier (Bonner Productions) – I’m Your Man Dub
Kickin Productions – What You Gonna Do
Mux Mool - Valley Girls
The New Mastersounds – Land of Nod (Lack of Afro Remix)
Adani and Wolf – Les Seigneurs
Gizelle Smith – June
Flevans – Small Room Syndrome
Daft Punk – Solar Sailor (Pretty Lights Remix)
Steven Ventura 4 Kings of Kings – Throw Your Hands Up jOBOT – Bottle of Bumpy

Blunts (9pm - 10pm)

little beaver - do right man
the soul chargers - charge it up baby
ebony rhythm band - soul heart transplant
ministers of funk & the saviors of soul - strut it baby
nathan bartell - top goin down goin up
tyrone thomas & the whole darn family - fly away love bird
the roger webb sound - grey sigh
the dragons - food for my soul
fire - flight to cuba
the spunky onion - cookie man (part 1)
angela jefferson - i can feel myself slipping away
kellee patterson - i'm gonna love you just a little more baby
sound experience - 40 acres and a mule
the united image - the african bump
rickey calloway - tell me (part 1)
gold - what about the child
pure essence - wake up
greenwood rhythm coalition - guajira 78

Blunts & Sondek - 1 Track Each (10pm - 11pm)

neither of us can remember what was played as were too busy trying to out do each other....