Sunday, 17 March 2013

Interviews and What Not....... Beyond The Clones & Little Noosh

For the last few years I have been on occasion threatening to approach some of the great and good of local music and dj culture in an effort to find out why they do what they do and if possible get there opinions on all sorts of things from there favourite tune to whether they prefer vinyl to MP3.

So it was with a sudden burst of energy that I decided to approach a few dj’s / musicians with the aim of having a chat and recording it for the radio show. I remember it well….it was a chilly Sunday evening…..

The list of people I approached was small but perfectly formed and once I had sent the messages out via a combination of facebook and email it made me wonder, what if no one replies and I’m left with the realisation that no one fancies a chat about music.....

As luck would have it I received a reply from dj and promoter Blacc Jazz the very next day to say that he appreciated the message and would love a chat about music and what not. More of this later…

It then followed that I received a couple more replies over the following days. One from electronic music producer Beyond the Clones and Exeter based producer called Ashley Hanoman.
Needless to say I was pretty chuffed that a) some one had replied and b) more than one person replied.

Beyond the Clones

So, it came to pass that after a few emails and one or two false starts (entirely down to my own inability to anything quickly) I found myself, sondek and Beyond the clones in the soundart studio. Alongside this there was a brucie bonus in the form of a guest of a guest so to speak. 

Well, before the interview took place Tristan mentioned that he had been working with a singer songwriter and that it would be very cool indeed if they joined us in the studio for a chat and if all went well a live performance.

So, there I found myselfSondek, Beyond the Clones and Little Noosh all packed into the small but perfectly formed soundart radio studio. We chatted, laughed and I can honestly say had a rather good time talking a about music and inspiration. This was alongside tracks from Beyond the Clones and a genuinely beautiful live performance by Little Noosh who performed her track called The Player. 

Their was also an indication of an upcoming collaboration..... we'll keep our ears peeled for that one.

Beyond The Clones stayed on for the rest of the show and we talked live music, Jimi Hendrix and the possibility of doing it all again one day soon. 

I can safely say it was a honour and a pleasure.

The whole show from top to bottom is right here for your listening pleasure

The only feeling that was left was why we hadn’t done this earlier and that it must become a regular feature from this day forth……

In the next episode….. Blacc jazz…..