Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cut Records

I wanted to mention this rather nice label that has been releasing electronic music since 2011. The latest release is a deep techno workout from an artist called Midnight JJ called the quiet room ep.

Up until recently releases were free however, the brains behind the operation Alex Cowles has gone down the subscription route in an effort to protect the labels and the artists who contributes future. It's worth mentioning that for $1 per month (no it isn't a typo) you get a brand new release delivered straight to your inbox. It is also worth mentioning that if you sign up you get access to the entire back catalogue of releases. There are 24 at this point ranging from super chilled to 4am dance floor destroyers.

A couple of places to start - Essay - love and air & ActRaiser - Shadow Boxing

If you have $1 to spare each month then I can think of at least one very good place to spend it...

For more info - Cut Records