Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Our E.P Project

I guess I should probably play you some of the music then................
(click the month for the download page hmmm?)

January 2013 e.p

This was recorded last autumn and was originally used as a limited CD run for the 2012 five date tour as described in the last post.

 This one started life as an improvised session of drums and guitar which was cooked up the Diamond Family shed studio. Bits, bobs and other players were added and one day we'll find a brass band to play on it.

 March 2013 e.p

Close To The Grave was recorded in my kitchen and then finished off in the shed. The Morning Singin O came from the same session as the January e.p.

These three tracks were recorded on the last night of our April 2013 UK tour (more on that adventure coming up) at Bowden House, Totnes. We'd played eleven shows without a night off and, without throwing any spoilers out there, were on the pyschological edge! The Totnes set was hazy, super-psychedlic and a very fitting end to a splendid tour. If you listen carefully you can a toddler shouting and a bumbling door-person kicking the cash bowl. And that's psychrock and roll for you right there.

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